Saturday, July 16, 2011

Looking For a full time or supplemental income career working From your home office?

La Bella Gift Baskets & Flowers
Career website:
Toll Free Number:  1- (866) 465-4505

La Bella Gift Baskets & Flowers was started when a group of successful women entrepreneurs realized that many people were not able to pursue their dreams of owning a business. They shattered the traditional business model. Armed with a vision and a passion to assist people to create a successful home career, La Bella Baskets was born.
People can have the freedom to market their online business in minutes without the hassles and large investments
La Bella Baskets is a new online gift basket and flower business that educates, trains and empowers people to start their own online gift baskets and flower business from home, by providing consultants with personal mentors and online Internet marketing training. Consultants earn a 20%-30% commission on sales and receive 20% from their own gift purchases.  La Bella Baskets provides them with their own individual website, which offers shoppers 400 affordable gift options. Consultants do not carry an inventory – the entire business operates online.
v  Gifts with a Purpose ~ we believe that every gift basket has a purpose; we have chosen to give to Single moms nationwide each month.
A portion of all proceeds goes to La Bella Baskets of Smiles program. La Bella Baskets delivers a basket of essentials to struggling single moms.
v  We understand how important it is to give back. To show our support $5.00 from every Blooming Gift Bag sale is donated to Breast Cancer Research & Awareness.

v  As Consultants we are encouraged & have the option to do Fundraisers for Non Profit Organizations.
If you are looking for a new full time or part time career or supplemental income to work from your home. Labella Gift Baskets & Flowers has a Wonderful Team with the giving spirit and a rewarding Career.
v  We offer:

Ø  Bi-weekly pay
Ø  Leadership Bonuses
Ø  Ongoing training
Ø  Bonuses
Ø  Incentives
Ø  Set your own hours
Ø  Telecommuting available
Ø  You DO NOT have to collect money

v  We are looking for individuals with the following qualities:
Ø  Must have access to the internet
Ø  Must have access to a telephone
Ø  Must have Good organization skills
Ø  Must love to work with customers

Our vision and dream continues to take shape across the United States. And driven to new heights by the positive energy, passion, and focused determination of La Bella Baskets founders & team.  If you are ready to start a new career that is fun, profitable, rewarding and affordable visit:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm having a Vote on Winning gift people would like for my next Drawing!

Labella Gift Baskets & Flowers ~ Gifts with a Purpose Sharing ideas

 I will be going through to choose the winner!

Come join me on my Facebook and Vote!

* Delivery in the United States except Alaska & Hawaii at this time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Labella Gifts and Flowers~ Sharing ideas.... Husband & Wife Tomato Plant Challenge!

Labella gift Baskets & Flowers ~ Sharing ideas ~

Husband  & Wife Challenge!!

Years ago when having a yard sale this elderly gentleman looked at our attempt to grow tomatoes..he told me how important it is to water them...Lots of water, everyday..Don't worry about over watering them..He continued saying that you could even grow tomatoes in the garage without sunlight as long as you water them...

This year I brought this up to my husband...he showed his doubt with his expression...So I decided ~ Okay, I'll grow mine inside the house  & you grow yours outside and lets see what happens...

He was up for the challenge and even wanted to throw in a Winner gets? hm mm...Winner gets Foot message every night for a week without having to give the other one a foot massage...With a BIG grin on his face as he is so sure he will win this...

I decided to add: Winner does not have to do dishes for 2 weeks!

So confident he adds: Or make dinner for 2weeks!

It's a DEAL!!

We planted our seeds together at the same time...Both of us feeling: I'm going to win!

                                                       Hubby's tomato Plant: Outside

                                                         My Toma' toe Plant: Inside

I woke up the other day to this..It just grew practically overnight! I'm actually proud since I'm not much of a green thumb..Now I have to go buy a bigger planter for it! Looks like I should have used the planter that my hubby used...ahahaha..I had no idea that it was going to all the sudden grow like that...So far it looks as if I'm WINNING! 

My feet are needing a little message  ; )

Probably shouldn't get too excited yet though as no tomatoes have shown up yet..

Will keep posting the progress as we go along.