Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Labella gifts & Flowers..Sharing something Special

Just wanted to share this.........

To me, the single greatest gift is when I can get together with my
children and enjoy and talk about all the times of their youth.
Every moment that you spend with your child is a teaching moment and it
is amazing but while you think they don't listen or pay attention to
you, you see so much of what you did teach them, now get passed on and
shared on to their children.
Songs we used to sing when they were little kids, I know one day it will be sung by the grand is an incredible inner sense of joy and reward that can only be achieved by being a DAD (or mom of course). The point is to be involved in every
moment that is possible with your children.
Remember that if not for children, there would not be a MOTHERS or
FATHERS day. It is the children that are important. Them and the things that we the
adults, and parents, teach to them and bring into their lives each and
every minute.
Yes, lets all enjoy a relaxing day. Get together with our families, have some
good food and please, pray for all those less fortunate children that
don't know the kind of life that they should.
It is for the children that we should always keep in mind.
For me, today is NOT about me or all the other fathers, it is about the
children and our roles and responsibilities as fathers.
Thank you for allowing me the time to write and to wish you all a
wonderful day.

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