Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Update On Thomas

At age 16 Thomas was diagnosed with
 Osteosarcoma Cancer
Thomas recently had his 4th surgery & Chemo treatments

Up Date: 1/05/2012
Tiffany ( Thomas' Mom)
My Son's Good Report Today! Dr. Says cancer in lungs, spine, hip & pelvis are ALL shrinking!
 Praise God!
 Finally after 2 years a good report!

Thank you to all who have helped us over the months. We're so very thankful, you have no idea. We are not quite out of the woods yet, financially and when Thomas is at Children's, it ends up being somewhat costly with back and forth, food, etc. I am also OUT of severeal of his supplements that I KNOW have helped his heart and immune system get stronger. They expected him to need 2 blood transfusions by now and because of his
"strong heart and immune system",
he has not had to have one. They tell us
"Whatever you're doing, keep doing it". I have ONLY asked for help when absolutly needing it. This is again one of those times.. Soon, we will be past this, all of it and in a position to pay it forward! For those who can, please go to and donate whatever you can. It is going for food, gas and supplements. Basic necessities. The supplements are over $400.00 for all of them. God Bless

Thomas will be admitted tomorrow for 5 days.
Great progress after just two treatments of five days each.
I believe he has three more to go.

I have faith in Our Lord & feel the same
 as Tiffany has expressed:
"Deep down, I believe Thomas knows this too. My brave young son’s "TEST" will become


Having a Battle with cancer is bad enough...
The Family Ending up in a Financial Crises & having difficulty with gas money to get their son to his appointments make This whole situation even more heartbreaking.

I personally am a believer in Our Lord, but I have to admit I'm up set that anyone would have to go through this. I actually have 3 family members who are battling with cancer.The difference is
 my Relatives are not in a Financial Crisis
They can get to their appointments
 & are not at risk loosing their home. 

I know the economy is not good & we all are in a crunch. Even just a small donation could add up to help. Or even just RT & Sharing this on your site could help.

Here is Thomas Doty's FB for up dates or to send
 Love & Prayers

Here are items that have been donated

Please comment in regards to your donation on my facebook:

Send Picture with description & value of item to Email:
       My donation to the Silent auction
  This product cannot be shipped outside the USA.
with delivery incl.
Value: $ 72.95
my donation to the silent auction
This product cannot be shipped outside the USA.
Value with delivery incl.
Value: $31.94

3 hour professional House Cleaning

In the Snohomish County- Washington State area
by: Lisa Langill
Value: $95.00
donated from: Birdy Bella - BirdysNest at Etsy
Your Lovely Pink Heart Necklace will be shipped in USA in a Yoya Pouch handmade lovingly by The Yoya Goddess herself, Tanya Falcon.
Value: $28.00 USD
          Twitter: @BirdysNest55    

FB:  Birdy Bella            
     Thomas Doty & Family Video

For Direct Donations please go to:

Exclusive Drawing:

I normally don't do Silent Auctions. Thomas' mom & I have known each other since we were young. Tiffany is a wonderful person & through out the years
her family has helped people in their time of need.

Right now her family needs us. Every little bit can help and Together we can make a difference to Help The Doty Family. Thank You for viewing the video's, sharing, Re tweeting & helping in any way that you can, God Bless, Mindy

 If you make a direct donation Please let me know so I can make sure you are included in my Exclusive Drawing for people who have contributed & participated in the Heal Thomas Silent auction.
       And I want to Thank You! Mindy Maher


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