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Since I noticed you are on both my Facebook & Twitter I decided to reply to you on both. I am an up front person, so I will let you know right now that I do not appreciate you being disrespectful on MY Business Page.

La Bella Gift Baskets & Flowers is a wonderful company that I'm very Proud of.  We believe in the power of giving. We give back to our community in several ways:

1. We have the Basket of Smiles Program for single mothers across the United States. Business owners & Customers can nominate a Single mom to be put on the list & will become a recipient.

2. We  donate to the Susan G Komen for Cancer Research and Awareness

3. We donate to the Salvation Army

4.  We have a Drawing once a month to Thank our Guest for being on our sites with the Winner having their choice of Gift valued up to $100.00.

5. We are given the choice to donate a portion of our own earnings to fundraisers.
     Which I have chosen to do.

6. I personally have Sponsored many other Business' & their events as well as fundraisers by donating gifts including shipping being paid by me. I like helping others.

7. As you already know since you made a rude comment on my FB. We have a drawing for someone to Win the oppratunity to have their own online gift store, Free for one Year.

This is great for someone who may need an income or who may need a career working from their own home office due to personal reasons.

And for YOU to be on MY BUSINESS PAGES for no other reason except to discourage people from entering a drawing that could help someone is Rude & Disrespectful of you.

I would have loved to have started My Business with La Bella with this Opportunity. If you would have taken the time to read the Drawing Information & if you truly have worked for Our Company then you  know that this is a wonderful Business to be a part of.

The Founders of this Company are the most caring people you could ever know. It is the most Positive Company I have ever worked for.We are a  team of men & women that are always there for each other and we actually enjoy what we do.

And we do NOT have "Quotas" as you implied. We can even take time off whenever we choose. Even for as long as we want. It's entirely up to us. Since it is our own online gift & flower store through La Bella.

And considering what it cost to have a business these days everything that  La Bella does for all of us is a God Sent as far as I'm concerned.

I have sent a letter to the Founders to find out if you really have ever worked for the Company. I'm wondering why are you on 2 of my sites? You don't know me.You & I have never communicated until now, so why come onto my sites just to be rude?

Honestly now ~ You must have more positive things to do with your life? Directing energy to help people where needed such as helping a non profit organization would be so much more Productive.

If you have worked for the company then you know the founders phone numbers. They actually answer their phone to help or answer any questions that anyone may have. And you have the address to send them a letter where your pay check came from, since you put on my FB that you have worked for the company.

You are not welcome on ANY of  MY sites if you are here to imply things that are incorrect or to be dishonest. Be careful who you choose to behave like this towards. You could end up in a legal situation finding your biting more then you can chew.

Yes, I'm more intelligent then you apparently thought. Since YOU put yourself right into my Business, I feel I have the right to give you a little gentle advice:

EDUCATE YOURSELF before you behave in a way that promotes Negative Energy towards me, any of my sites & My FaceBook & Twitter friends/family.

 Positive Energy with a caring Spirit goes a long way in life & actually makes life merrier. Thank You for taking the time in reading my reply to you. May God Bless you, Mindy Maher

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