Friday, February 10, 2012

The following items are currently OUT OF STOCK:
Hot Stuff Cookie Bouquet
Hoo Loves You Cookie Bouquet

Also I want to let everyone
know ♥☞ Since it is now Feb 10th
Any Valentine's Day Gifts Ordered
will ship, but there is no guarantee
delivery will occur by Valentine's Day.
Last Day for Flower orders is:
Monday February 13th at
♥☞ 11:00 am EST.
For delivery
Tuesday The 14th
♥☞ Our Flowers are Delivered
Fresh from the Farm
Visit our Online Store & Order Today
10% off ALL FLOWERS!
Just use coupon
code ♥☞VD10 at checkout!
*Coupon Expires February 13
Fundraiser Name♥☞ Heal Thomas
**This is how the Main Office Keeps track of Fundraisers**
To keep updated on Thomas Condition or
to send Love & Prayers
Any Direct Donations also appreciated
Mindy Maher


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