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A Few of  Our Valentines Gifts
SKU 810652
 52 Weeks of Romance couples game, including romance cards, dice a satin storage pouch and more, a candle in a tin, 2 oz massage oil, chocolate truffles, Angelina's buttery shortbread cookies, comes in a red gloss gift basket with a handmade bow. Gift measures 14" tall, 12" wide and 8" deep
and weighs 5 pounds.

SKU 8161232
Beary Huggable
Includes: 12" white teddy bear, Peeps marshmallow hearts, Activity coloring book, Wonka fun dips, Wonka's Nerds candies, Hershey M & M's milk chocolate with peanut candies, Twizzlers licorice, Necco Sweetheart conversation heart candies 2 boxes, Bubble, festive valentines gift box with chocolate covered pretzels, silly string, valentines mini pinball game, kids card game, (one of the following, crazy 8's, old maid, hearts, go fish) candy ring-pop and delivered in a Happy Valentines gift box topped with a sweet Valentines bow. Gift weighs 4.2 pounds complete and
 measures 14" tall by 11" long and 8" wide.

SKU 8161372
Cupids Choice
Includes: Chocolate truffle cookies, Chocolate fudge covered popcorn, chocolate cream filled pastry cookies, Kettle Fresh fudge, 2-Ghirardelli chocolate squares, Almond Roca, Milk chocolate cream coconut delights, Almond toffee chocolates, Love Bites chocolate bridge mix, Milk chocolate caramel nut clusters, and a keepsake red heart Valentine gift box with 16 pieces of assorted cream center chocolates. Completed by a red glossy basket and sparkling read hearts this gift weighs 4.82 pounds completed and measures 12' long, by 8" wide and 13" tall.
Heart To Heart Couples Romance Gift Basket
SKU 8161252
Heart to Heart
Includes: 1 oz Massage oil, silk bag with rose petals, a set of 3 votive tea lite candles, acrylic champagne glasses, sparkling cider, An easy listening Instrumental romance CD, The Lover's Guide book, a hardcover book with over 150 pages of suggestive stories, ideas and recipes for exciting nights, Sweetheart chocolate cake, vanilla caramels, Belgian truffles, Almond Roca, Kettle Fresh Fudge, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, Chocolate and toffee cookies and a for lovers only card game where everyone's a winner. Enclosed by a dark stain market basket with handles and decorated with roses this gift weighs 7.2 pounds complete and measures 15" long, by 11" wide and 15" tall and is finished with a romantic hand made bow.

SKU 8161312
Light My Fire
Includes: 16" Devil Bear with black satin cape, Naughty But Nice Cookies, Lindt dark chocolate bar, Spicy Hot Pretzels, Jalapeno cheese swirls, Caramel heart chocolates, chocolate cream wafer cookies, Almond Roca, Cream center truffles, Love Bites chocolate bridge mix, and a red hot Valentine box of chocolate covered pretzels. Arranged in a red glossy window planter and finished with a flaming bow. This gift weighs 5.2 pounds completed and measures 15" long by 8" wide and 15" tall.
SKU 8161552
Little Sweethearts
Includes: 11" furry teddy bear, 4 sweet little cuddling teddy bears hugging, Bubbles, silly string, mini pinball game, 2 kids board games, (assorted selections include, checkers, chutes and ladders, chess, Chinese checkers and Bingo) Kids card game, 8x11 coloring book, activity puzzle book,. Powder candy potion bottle, Relaxable heart ball, caramel corn, 2-fun size M & M candies, Fun Dips candy, Candy ring-pop, and a heart box with assorted mini toys. Closed and sealed it arrives as a surprise just waiting to explode with goodness
SKU 8161512
Lotsa Luv
Includes: 13" Wild about you gorilla, Ribbons of Love Cinnamon Candy, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, Chocolate fudge covered popcorn, White chocolate covered pretzels, Almond toffee chocolates, Valentines hearts gift box with caramel milk chocolate and butter toffee pretzels. Completed by a black gift box and topped with a pink zebra bow this gift weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 16" tall by 8" wide and 10" long

SKU 8161332
Sugar Free
Includes: Sugar Free Fudgy rolls, Sugar Free chocolate bar, Sugar Free caramel nut clusters, Sugar Free mint chocolate candies, Sugar Free jelly Bellies, sugar free Russell Stover marshmallow chocolate heart, white cheddar popcorn, a Happy Valentines gift box with sugar free cream candies and a sweet I love You furry Teddy bear. Arranged in a cheerful red gloss basket and topped with a handmade Valentine bow this gift weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 14" long, by 8" wide and 15" tall.

SKU 8161292
Tour Wild Side
Includes: 12" Plush Cheetah, Chocolate fudge covered popcorn, Kettle Fresh fudge, cream center truffles, Lindt chocolate bar, chocolate cream wafer cookies, peppermint toffee kettle corn, milk chocolate cherry delights, milk chocolate almond toffee, Cashew Roca, A festive "Love" gift bag of chocolate covered pretzels. Enclosed by a glossy red 14" basket and decorated with jungle feathers then topped with a hand made love Valentines bow. Gift weighs 4.2 pounds and measures 14" tall by 11" long by 8" wide.

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