Monday, January 2, 2012

Januarary Sale On All Candle Sets

Special deals from La Bella Baskets
All Candles 15% off

Coffee Candle Gift Set

Votive Gift Basket Includes:

10 (2 oz each) Round votives and a votive holder

  Premiun Candle Duo Set

This exquisite candle gift set is great as a gift to your favorite candle lover or keep it for yourself. Choose from a selection of wonderful bakery aromas, floral and citrus scents.
Choose one from each set or two of a kind,
you make that choice
Save 15%
Coupon is transferable. Share the offer with friends and family!
Coupon Code : candle15
Offer Expires: 1/31/2012
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gifts & flowers

All Purchases will contribute to the Doty Family:

Just Submit Fundraiser Name:

Heal Thomas
** This is how the Main Office Keeps track of Fundraisers **

To keep Up dated on Thomas' Condition or to send
 Love & Prayers:


Any Direct Donations also appreciated:

Thank You, Mindy Maher

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