Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Out of Stock

Easter sales are hoppin' along and we have a few out of stock items to share with you.

The following items are Out of Stock:
  • 913706 - Quacky Duckling Gift Set (Will not be returning)
  • 913412 - Little Bunny FooFoo (Will not be returning)
  • 12006 - Singing Daisy Duck (Will return to stock, but date is unknown)
  • 913751 - Ultimate Easter Gift Basket
  • 913704 - Deluxe Easter Gift Basket
  • 913706 - Quacky Duckling Gift Set
  • 913412 - Little Bunny FooFoo
  • 12006 - Singing Daisy Duck
  • 820452 - Picnic For Two
  • 851512 - The Wisdom Of Fishing Tote
  • 89072 - Baby Necessities Teal
            Following item is Back Instock:
  • G31635 Here Comes Peter Cottontail Singing Plush (This would be a great choice gift to replace the Little Bunny Foo Foo or the Singing Daisy Duck )
Flower orders need to be in the system no later than:

Thursday, April 5th before 11:30 am Eastern Time

to be delivered Friday, April 6th.

                     We do offer Saturday delivery for $31.95. These orders must be in the system

by 11:30 am Friday, April 6th

for delivery Saturday, April 7th.
Thank You,
Mindy Maher

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