Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring is officially upon us and I am Ready. It evokes thoughts of renewal and hope for a better future.
 It reminds you that all things come full circle
and have new life breathed into them.

It's such a refreshing time of year, the peace and patience to reflect on the past and
 plan for the future. 
 How about you? Are you constantly growing and changing to meet your goals? If something is not working, try something else. You will get no results if you don't look to constantly better your life.

As the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers". What does this mean to you? To me, it means you must endure the rough patches & the obstacles to accomplish goals.You must embrace the negative and turn it into a positive. 
I'm always challenging myself  Personally & Professionally to find the right balance to better accommodate my Family & Business Clients Needs. Running a business is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it!
 Everyday I am Learning, growing & meeting wonderful people.That's what keeps me motivated to continue to Smile during the difficult moments..

Here are a few things that are a part of my daily routine to keep me focused:

1. I acknowledge what I'm thankful for. It can be small things or big.

Because I believe in the Lord I pray about what I'm thankful for..
But anyone can just simply think or say out Loud:
I am Thankful for_________

2.  I keep an open mind to listen or pay attention to what people are saying, because I care about people & I enjoy Learning about new subjects.

Even though everyone has their own way of thinking with our individual thought process.You can still respect each others difference of opinion and Learn from each other.

3. I Share what I learn with people & make a conscious effort to be a giving person.

This has helped me to continue growing and to expand my world..Especially with  today's Technology we have the ability to connect with so many people from all over the world. Sharing, educating & laughing with each other.
All  3 of these things being a part of my day, gives me Positive Energy to continue my journey in fulfilling my Life Purpose succeeding in  all things to come full circle.

Looking forward to hearing from You.
Please Share:

What are the things that help you to continue Learning & growing ?

God Bless,
Mindy Maher 
. .

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